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It Takes a Village

So you know how it take a village to raise a child. Well, having a good support system when you have a mental illness is basically the same thing.

Sometimes when I’m having an episode I won’t notice but my husband will. I depend on him to let me know when I am acting unusual. Well, I guess more unusual than I normally am since I am extremely weird, after all. My mom plays the same role, as does my best friend. But my husband most of all.

Here’s a little back story on us. We have been together since I was 16 and he was 18. I wasn’t diagnosed with Bipolar II until I was about 22 so we went through all of the ups and downs of my episodes before we ever really knew why.

Having a mental illness diagnoses didn’t change the way I am. It just helped me figure out what the best options were as far as treatment is concerned. It gave the road I was traveling on a name. Sometimes the road was paved. Sometimes it wasn’t.

It was hard going those first few years but together, the hubs and I, we figured it out. Learning what it was and what the symptoms of an episode are helped us figure out what to do when I start displaying those symptoms. It helped me figure out when to talk to my therapist about what was really going on inside my head and helped me know when I need to talk to my doctor about my medication.

Without him and my village I wouldn’t be able to cope with my episodes and I can bet I’d have a lot more of them without them to call me on it.

Tell me who your village is in the comment below.


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