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Real Mom Moment

Real Mom Moment

Putting off doing something until you’re “less busy” then realizing that you’ll never be less busy because you have a baby.

That was how this pause in blog writing started. At first it was a sleep regression and then it was a trip to California to visit family and the holidays rolled around and here we are four months later…

So, what have I been up to these last four months you ask, well let me give you a quick recap.

I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with Clare and all her new tricks, and she learns more everyday, that I’ve lost track of everything. It’s this baby brain thing that starts when you get pregnant and never goes away, like, ever.

Lets start with family, shall we?

John, Clare, and I went out to California to visit family. My parents, his mom, and both sides of extended family (his is a lot bigger than mine).

We flew out and did a 10 day trip. We started in Los Angeles, where we rented a car and had it for a day before we realized it was much too small for us, Clare, and ALL THE THINGS you have when you travel with a five month old.

We did a TON of driving for the trip; from L.A. to Sacramento, to Fremont, to San Fran. We came home needing a vacation from our vacation, whew!

I volunteered a lot in the month of October…

 NAMI Georgia 5K, DBHDD 5K, Heart Walk, etc…

Me and the president of the NAMI Georgia Board at the NAMI Georgia 5K walk.

Clare and I meeting former First Lady Rosalynn Carter at the grand opening for the Skyland Trails Treatment Center.

Walking at the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health’s 5K walk with John and Clare.

I got to volunteer at the Go Red for Women booth at the Central Georgia Heart Walk for the American Heart Association with Miss International 2016, Amanda Moreno, herself!

And now we are almost done with the holidays…

Will post more soon.

*photo credit to Google Play and The Everyday Mom Life

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