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Who ever needs to leave the house again? Not me, that’s who

Is it just me or is online shopping the best thing since sliced bread?

 If it were up to me I would have everything delivered and I would never leave the house again. The UPS guy would be my best friend. I mean you can literally buy everything online nowadays. Unless you’re me and then groceries aren’t delivered in your area and you can’t be the hermit you aspire to be 😦 All of my dreams gone down the drain…

Is there anything better than finding packages you forgot you ordered on your front porch? Nope I don’t think so. It’s right up there with full body massages and chocolate covered cherries.

I have to admit that my UPS guy and my mail carrier have probably gotten to know me pretty well by the things I’ve had delivered. Amazon and Gaelic stores and baby clothes….

And PayPal is amazing! No more having to go downstairs and get your credit card. You can just sign in and buy everything. It’s way too easy. I don’t even have time to think about whether or not Clare needs those four pairs of shoes. They’re bought before I have time to second guess myself.

Amazon Prime is the bees knees of online shopping. Free 2 Day shipping! I order everything on there. Makeup, dog food, baby food, toys, tools, everything!

I don’t know what I would do without online shopping…I would go without the things I can’t live without like vanilla scented body wash and Aveeno moisturizer. We just can’t have that, can we?

One thought on “Who ever needs to leave the house again? Not me, that’s who

  1. I love online shopping!! I don’t have to drag my kids to all the stores. I don’t have to worry about people. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. So Amazon is my best friend! And sadly I also think my UPS guy knows me pretty well. 😂 Here’s to online shopping!

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