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I love waking up early! I know, I know…I’m a rare breed to like getting up before the sun does. But getting up early gives me a chance to have some alone time before Clare wakes up. I can get ready for the day, start a load of laundry, and write a new post. I feel like I get so much more accomplished if I get up early and that helps me feel like I’ve got this adult thing down.


When I worked at L.A. Fitness, years ago, I loved the opening shift. I had to be there at 5am and I would get there with a smile on my face. The members would all comment on how awake I was this early in the morning. Here’s my secret. I faked it. “Fake it till you make it” was always my mantra for getting up early.It’s worked because now I enjoy getting up early. Don’t get me wrong I like sleeping in. I like my comfy, cozy bed. But I always feel like the day is too short when I sleep in and it throws everything off balance.

I thrive on a schedule. When you have a mental illness having a schedule or routine can help immensely. So I try to always stick to mine. But recently I have let myself slide a bit and I was getting up at 7 instead of 6 which meant I didn’t have that alone time in the morning. A lot of this had to do with my bedtime. The hubs and I were staying up later so we could have time to be together by ourselves. I would spend the night reading while he played video games or we would just sit and talk about our day. It was really nice. However, this meant I lost the me time in the morning and was groggy and still tired when Clare woke up. I wasn’t ready for the day. And that isn’t fun.

Also, it seems like lately, when I wake up early Clare has some kind of mind connection that tells her I’m awake so she wakes up early which, in turn, throws off the nap schedule I have worked so hard to make stick.

I woke up early this morning. Well, I woke up at 4:50ish but I spent over an hour cuddling with my SO before he woke up for the day. So I didn’t actually get our of bed until 6. Aaaand guess what? My daughter woke up early too. I got as far as being dressed and having my face washed when she decided that she wanted to see the sunrise too.

So now I’m sitting here trying to write a post while Clare clings to my legs and whines that she wants me to pick her up so she can play with, i.e slam and break, my keyboard.

Do any of y’all wake up early? Why? What do you do with your early time? Tell me in the comments below.




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One thought on “Sunrises

  1. I get up early too. I like to get up at 6 because I don’t have to get the kiddos up till 7. It’s nice to be fully awake before I’m rushing around to help get them ready and off to school. I like to have my coffee and watch the sunrise and catch up on blogging šŸ™‚

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