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You’ve got a friend in me



Friendships are hard when you’re a grown up. Making them and maintaining them gets more difficult once you’re out of school. I mean, how do you meet new friends when you’re an adult? At the grocery store? I guess at work but those always turn into “work friendships” and don’t really extend outside of work.

So you hold onto the ones from school. I have friends that I’ve known since I was a baby. Friends who lived on my block growing up, friends from grade school, high school, and college. I now have friends who are amazing women that I’ve met through my MOPS chapter meetings and through this pageant. But I feel like the best friends are the old ones, the ones who’ve seen you through a lot, the ones that you don’t talk to you for a while but when you do you pick back up right where you left off.



Again, though, friendships are hard to maintain. Everyone is busy and not everyone is good at answering the phone or returning texts because they’re busy just like you are. I have one particular friend who is like this. I love her more than words could possibly describe. One day she will be more than a friend, too, she’ll be family. It doesn’t get any better than a best friend who marries in!

She’s a busy woman. Working full-time and in her spare time she spends it with her family. I completely understand when she can’t answer the phone or call back right away. It’s just one of those things that gets harder as you get older. And it has been like that since I first met her in college. She was still a bestie then even though she was hard to get ahold of.



Anyways my general point of this post was to tell you that treasure those friendships, the ones who are special and will be there until you’re old and grey.

But then I thought about my friend and couldn’t help but tell her, through this, that even when she feels like she’s being a bad friend, she isn’t. I still love her because I know that one day, when I really need her, she will be there for me. Just like she always has.




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