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Exercise? Really?


Yep. I decided to do it. Well, actually my pageant coach decided I would do it. I have now committed to at least a 10 minute workout three times a week. Doesn’t sound like much does it? If you knew me, though, you’d know that exercise is right up there with getting drilled at the dentist for me. I hate it. It’s terrible. In fact, I think I’m allergic. I get all hot and sweaty, red and flushed, and breathing gets hard. It must be allergic reaction, right?

I’ve decided to beat that. I’m going to do a 20 minute workout three times a week! We’ll see if I can keep that up.


The thing with exercise is that it’s supposed to be super good for you. I believe Elle Woods said it best “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” It’s supposed to revitalize you and get you pumped up. All it does for me is make me want a nap. But I’m going to try, darn it!

It’s also supposed to be great for your mental health. I think that’s because of the endorphin thing. Maybe it will help me in some way and I’ll think back to these years when I didn’t do it with regret and say “why did I squander those years away.” I mean, I doubt it but who knows. It could happen, right?


I guess looking good and fit would help with my mental/emotional health. Banishing the mom bod would be great. Then I could wear my old, non-mom jeans again. The juniors size. And then when Clare gets older she’ll think it’s ridiculous that I buy my jeans in the same place she does. That might just make it worth it.

One last thing. Fitness is 25% of my score for Mrs. Georgia. I define success as giving it your all and, even if you don’t win, you can still look back and say “I did my best.” So I’m gonna give it my all and see where it takes me.

Anyone want to suffer, ehem I mean, workout with me?

Do you exercise? What’s your favorite way to get those endorphins?




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One thought on “Exercise? Really?

  1. You starting goal sounds great. Stick with it and you won’t regret it – you’ll regret that you didn’t do it sooner. For me, it took trying out a few activities to find out what I liked. If you find something you like that gives you something more you’ll be much more motivated to stick with it and integrate it with your daily life.

    I run and climb – often I have pauses and stops when I’m unwell with my mental health but I always go back to it because I have experienced how great it is for me. I also found focusing on the benefits away from how my body looks or my body size helps: I’m not as slim as I used to be but feeling myself get fitter and stronger is worth so much more than fitting into a certain dress size.

    With running – it took me a long time to get what the fuss was about. I used to be in bottom set for P.E in school. I’d bunk P.E with my friends and we’d do and move as little as possible. I spent years HATING sport and fitness – partially because I’d received negative messages about how hopeless I am at it. Performance doesn’t matter though – it is how you feel from doing something that makes you feel good that matters.

    Message me anytime if you want encouragement. E-mail is on my site, good luck. You can do it!!!

    You got this!


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