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Anything new?

Today is Day 3 of me doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workouts and I was actually excited to get up this morning and get to it. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are kicking my butt but I feel good. I feel strong and powerful. I feel like I am accomplishing something. It’s given me more energy throughout the day. And I am super excited to see what the results will be.


I’m finding that I can do it. I can do a 20 minute workout that hurts and not stop. It’s an amazing feeling. I haven’t sweat this much since I gave birth and I was in labor for 24 hours with 4 hours of pushing so I was super sweaty. But it feels good and I want to keep feeling that.

So I will workout everyday until I see results. And, darn it, I will get results.



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