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I’m BACK!!

Hey y’all I’m sure some of you were missing me…or I hope so lol. I took a little vacation from blogging. Mostly because my daughter locked me out of my iPad and I didn’t have the time or the technological knowledge to unlock it. Finally, the hubs was able to make some progress last night and now I am up and running again. We do have a desktop computer, however, it is located in the bonus room where I spend almost no time and, therefore, never go on.

In recent news….I’M PREGNANT!!!

Yes, it was planned. Yes, I know I was only 10 months PP when I got pregnant. Yes, I am fully aware I just might have lost my mind to want two under 2. But I do. So any and all of your arguements are invalid lol.

We are super duper excited about it and I can’t wait to find out the gender!! I don’t really care either way but I still want to know. It somehow makes it all the more real to know whether Clare will have a little brother or a little sister. We have a few people who swear this one is going to be a boy but I don’t know. I seem to be lacking that mothering instinct that tells you before you know for sure what it will be. I swore that Clare was going to be a boy. I actually looked at the ultrasound tech and said “What are the chances you could be wrong?” I was not prepared to have a girl. I remember what I was like as a child and I didn’t want to be on the parental side of it. Well, apparently the big guy upstairs had other plans for me and now I am the proud momma of a baby girl who is the spitting image of her mother, in both looks and personality.


So maybe this next one will be easy going like the hubs is. One can only hope.

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